Bethesda May Not Have a Presser at E3 2016

Bethesda may not be holding a press conference at next year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, according to company boss Pete Hines.

"I don't know if we'll do one next year," Hines told the Telegraph in a recent interview. "I don't know if we'll do one again. This year felt like the right time to do this kind of thing.

"Honestly, [this is] where my focus is: execute on this stuff that we're talking about and work with the MachineGames and Tangos and all the other studios to say 'ok, how do we do the next thing with you guys even better?' What does that look like? And how do we push ourselves forward?'"

Would you like to see Bethesda hold another E3 media briefing next year? Unless the company plans to announce something like The Elder Scrolls VI, I can't imagine it'll be able to top that Fallout 4 showing.

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