The Warcraft Film is Nearing Completion with Trilogy Possible, VR Experience Playable at SDCC

The Warcraft film finished filming during Fall 2014, and has been in post-production ever since. Judging by the enthusiasm showcased by its team over the past few months, it's safe to say that the film is in a healthy state that might meet the high expectations of fans of the IP. Made better, development is wrapping up ahead of schedule for the film's debut in 2016.

While speaking to io9, Warcraft film director Duncan Jones shared the exciting news that despite the film's release in nearly a year, its entire development is nearing completion. He said:


The status of the movie is, we have pretty much a finished movie. I have under 10 VFX shots which are being finished off right now, they need to be dropped into the movie, but we're kinda done.

Warcraft covers the events of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the first game released in the franchise back in 1994. There's a lot of room for other exciting transitions from the IP to film, and in-fact Blizzard's senior vice president Chris Metzen is already hoping to make a total of three Warcraft films to cover as much of the early story as possible. This would lead to other races being introduced on-screen, an increase from the focus on Humans and Orcs in this first film.

At San Diego Comic-Con attendees can get a better idea of how meticulously the world of Warcraft has been detailed for the film using a VR experience called The Skies of Azeroth. This demonstration is interactive, allowing users to pilot a gryphon as it flies around the film's CGI recreation of Stormwind.

Warcraft will feature many beloved characters including the likes of Sir Anduin Lothar, Magus Medivh, Khadgar, Durotan, Orgrim Doomhammer, and Gul'dan. It will be presented as a mixture of live acting with CGI provided by Industrial Light & Magic, a visual effects studio that has done work for blockbusters including Jurassic World and Pacific Rim. The film is currently targeting a theater release of June 10th, 2016.