Widely Requested Mewtwo Amiibo Makes Surprise Appearance at San Diego Comic-Con

Nintendo's Amiibo line of products have been a best-selling product since their introduction last Summer. Following its introduction of a select few options, fans began requesting their favorite characters, with Pokemon's Mewtwo commonly making the top of wish lists. It was only a matter of time before Nintendo fulfilled the request.

An Amiibo display at San Diego Comic-Con is showcasing a variety of previously known products, with one standing out from the crowd: Mewtwo. Him and his long purple tail have been noticed by many passerbys at the show, with some stopping to take a photo. Seen above, his Amiibo is real and will eventually be brought to market.

Unlike many other Amiibos, Mewtwo is a character who wasn't included in the original line-up of Super Smash Bros. Wii U. He was instead introduced via the game's first DLC package. Speaking of which, there are still characters in the original line-up that have had an Amiibo announced but haven't yet hit the market. It is likely that these will receive release priority ahead of Mewtwo. Sorry, Pokemon fans.

Amiibos have been in such hot demand that they routinely sell out at stores—due in-part to their limited production—resulting in high demand on second-hand markets like eBay. During last year's holiday season they sold as many units as Disney Infinity, outperforming Skylanders in the process. They have quickly become a prominent component of Nintendo's strategy, and will certainly be incorporated in its upcoming Nintendo NX device.