Ubisoft’s PS4 Sales Better Than Xbox One and Xbox 360 Sales Combined

Despite reports that the Xbox One is closing the gap with the PlayStation 4, at least one publisher has revealed that this gap may take years for Microsoft to overcome.

Ubisoft, during a investor conference call according to Gamespot, has provided software revenue figures which show that, from April to June this year, the percentage of PS4 sales (27%) has been larger than both Xbox One sales (11%) and Xbox 360 sales (13%) combined.


Unfortunately, this also means the gaming audience for Xbox 360 has yet to eclipse the audience for Xbox One, adding to the pile of evidence for third-party publishers that the PS4 is the preferred platform. As more third-party publishers announce Sony-exclusive deals, timed or otherwise, like Capcom's Street Fighter V console exclusivity on PS4.

Also despite notorious snafus with Ubisoft's launch titles on PC, PC game sales for Ubisoft during the period stand at 23% while Wii and Wii U sales stand at 3% combined.