Prototype Remaster Now Available on PS4, Xbox One

I'm not sure who was clamoring for a remaster of Prototype and Prototype 2, but Activision has released a digital HD collection anyway. In fact, it's already available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Prototype Biohazard Bundle was announced for Xbox One yesterday by Major Nelson with little fanfare or attention. Activision followed up with a launch trailer earlier today that also mentions a PS4 release.

The bundle includes all downloadable content and costs $49.99. Both games much be purchased together currently, but Activision plans to also sell the games separately starting on August 11 in North America.

I always thought of the Prototype games as lesser versions of the inFAMOUS franchise, but there was certainly an audience out there that enjoyed its emphasis on chaos and destruction. I just wonder whether that audience is large enough to support a new HD remaster.