Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’s PC Version Will Arrive Shortly After Xbox One

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is set to arrive shortly after the launch of Windows 10 with an August 25th release date. During this period of time Microsoft will begin its expansion of first-party game releases to PC beginning with a confirmed release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on the platform. However, PC gamers will have to wait a bit longer to play it.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has shared on Twitter that the Xbox One version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will arrive first. He posted:


Gears on Win10 is later than Xbox One version.

Microsoft is focusing its resources on promoting the Xbox One version of the title alongside August sales which include an all-new Madden NFL 16 Xbox One bundle.

The Ultimate Edition will include a remastered presentation, five campaign chapters never-before-seen, a wealth of multiplayer maps to compete on, as well as early access to the upcoming Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta.

Microsoft's renewed interest in PC releases is something it has been very vocal about during the past year. For one, gamers with an Xbox One will soon be able to stream their games to their local PC. In addition, there are several Microsoft published games that will be multiplatform including Fable Legends, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Killer Instinct. This trend is expected to persist through 2016 offering PC gamers an expanded catalog.