Windows 10 PC to Xbox One Streaming to Arrive After Keyboard and Mouse Support

Today marks the long-awaited release of Windows 10. Reception of the new operating system has been strongly positive for a variety of reasons, including its support of the DirectX 12 API as well as Xbox One to PC streaming. However, you may be wondering when you'll be able to stream your PC games to your Xbox.

Xbox head Phil Spencer shared with The Verge that PC to Xbox One streaming is in the pipeline, but before that can happen mouse and keyboard support must be implemented on Xbox One. He shared:

We understand if you're going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely so you could play those games,

He continued:

It's actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox, but challenge is good.

Spencer recently confirmed that keyboard and mouse support will be hitting Xbox One within the coming months, leading many to believe that PC to Xbox One streaming may arrive in late 2015.

Valve will be delivering a similar experience with its Steam Link, a device that will allow users to stream games in their Steam library. At $49.99, the device similarly uses a PC's processing power to run the game before sending the video information through a network to a secondary location where users can enjoy the media.

With Windows 10's arrival many are already enjoying Xbox One to PC streaming. This feature allows Xbox exclusives like Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection to be enjoyed in a PC space. It's already proven to work with positive results showing promise for streaming from PC to Xbox One.