PS4 Set to Outpace PS2 as Best-Selling Console of All Time

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4 console sales have climbed to a whopping 25.3 million worldwide since its launch less than two years ago. 

In the company's quarterly earnings report, the PlayStation manufacturer announced that three million units of the console were sold over the past the months. Yup, I think it's fair to say that momentum is still strong with this one.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, it took two years and eight months for PlayStation 2 to reach 20 million, putting PS4 well on its way to eclipsing its last, last-gen predecessor as the greatest-selling console ever. The PlayStation 2 has moved over 155 million sold ever since it launched some 15 years ago. So yes, PS4 still has a ways to go, but at this rate, it will reach that milestone in due time.

In fact, Sony expects to 500 thousand more units this financial year than it original anticipated, raising its projections from 16 million to 16.5 million. It's also worth noting that Sony sold 14.8 million consoles in 2014, so believe it or not, momentum is actually growing. Going by this projection, Eurogamer notes that PS4 sales are expected to reach 38.8 million by the end of March next year.

Not too shabby.