Bashiok Leaves Position of Blizzard Community Manager After 12 Years

It was 2003 when Micah Whipple took a position at Blizzard Entertainment. It was perfect timing, as the company was a year from releasing what would become one of the most wildly successfully video games in history: World of Warcraft.

Known by the name "Drysc" and more commonly "Bashiok", Micah would serve as community manager for Blizzard's products for more than a decade.  He was known for being the guy who would provide users with helpful answers to their questions, and for breaking up violent e-fights on forums. He was the face of Blizzard for many fans of its products.

Today, Micah has announced his departure from Blizzard after 12 years of work. He made the announcement on his Bashiok Twitter account stating the following:


WoW is a huge part of my life, an integral experience, and I went visiting places that have meant something to me–stuck in my memory.

A bit dramatic for me. But I've been a bit wistful lately, and looking to reminisce a bit I suppose, as today is my last day at Blizzard.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. It's truly been an honor. Happy gaming!

Micah "Bashiok" Whipple became such an important part of the community that he was immortalized in two of Blizzard's games. He can be found as a rare Fallen Shaman spawn in Diablo 3's Dahlgur Oasis, as well as an NPC in World of Warcraft's Gorgrond.


Micah's @Bashiok Twitter account has been rendered inactive. It is currently unclear where he will work next.