Odin Sphere HD Remake Coming West in 2016

International releases aren't usually revealed so quickly after a game is first unveiled, but Atlus makes a living going against the grain, doesn't it? Shown to the world just recently, the Odin Sphere HD Remake already has a North American confirmation.

Though the Japanese version uses katakana officially and seems to be called Odin Sphere Leifdrasir (with a 'd' that you can see in the logo), the North American version will be called Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. I looked that up and apparently it's more Norse mythology stuff, which led me to read a ton of that, which led to talks of Thor, which led to looking at Avengers reviews, which led to Avengers trailers, which led to deciding I'm good skipping, even though I could have seen it in the time I spent confirming that I don't want to see it.

Three hours later, I am finishing my rather brief news story because I am a shitty blogger.

Oh and so this Lifthrasir cat survived Ragnarok with Lif I guess, and they ate morning dew, which reminded me of Mountain Dew, so I've been drinking Mountain Dew this whole time.

Shitty blogger.

As suspected when I first posted about this, it's an overhaul that expands upon the original PS2 game: updated graphics, changes to the battle system, and new methods of exploration, among other things.

No date was given, just "2016."