Nolan North Is the New Voice of Ghost in Destiny

Peter Dinklage does great work in Game of Thrones, but his role as Ghost in Destiny has always felt a bit cold and lifeless. Bungie plans to fix that by recasting the entire role. Nolan North is the now the voice of Ghost.

Game Informer detailed the change in a recent visit to Bungie to see the upcoming expansion The Taken King. Ghost clearly has the most dialogue out of any character in the main game, and he plays an even more important role in the new DLC. Thus, Nolan North represents a fresh start.

In fact, North re-recorded all of Ghost's lines from the main game and its DLC. It's as if Peter Dinklage's Ghost never existed. I understand recasting the role, but it's a bit strange to think about Destiny with the complete absence of the Game of Thrones star.

Nolan North has one of the most recognizable voices in video games, but that won't necessarily be the case in Destiny. Instead, he plans to inject some personality into the role while still sounding like a robot.

“I was really excited to do this role,” he said. “You want to give him as much personality as the world will allow, without making it unbelievable. There’s a fine line to walk there, and I think we found it.”

I wasn't a fan of Dinklage's work in Destiny, so Nolan North will likely be an improvement. But the script remains the same, and let's not forget that many of Ghost's problems lie in the character itself. Nolan North can only do so much.