Yakuza 5 Interview Video Is an Excuse to Watch Untranslated Gameplay Footage

"So tell us about the third-oldest Yakuza game. The one released three years ago, which has been surpassed followed by two other games by now," begins Gio Corsi of SCEA Third Party Production, in his interview with Sega, in so many words.

The interview, which takes questions from Twitter (yes, "what's your inspiration" shows up, because of course it does) and reveals the funny info nugget that most of the stories from within hostess bars come from first or second-hand experience.

As much as I'm glad this is coming to a new audience, I really hope this game's inevitable poor sales don't slow down the release chances of Yakuza 0. If I had to pick one game to make the swim, it would probably be that or Ishin.

Yakuza 5 is exclusive to PS3, available only as a digital release, and currently penciled in for "Fall" in North America.

Hey speaking of Yakuza, you can learn all about that series in this podcast right here:


If you want an MP3 download option and a time-stamped table of contents for that, you can check its page here on GR.