Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Vote to Play Lineup

Every month Sony provides a batch of free games for PlayStation Plus users, and those users download them. It's a simple concept, but Sony plans to give players more of a choice starting this week with the introduction of Vote to Play.

Vote to Play allows PlayStation Plus members to select one game for next month's lineup. The catch is that Sony chooses which three games will be part of the voting process. Nevertheless, it's nice to see Sony give players a bigger role in the game selection process.

The three games eligible for next month's lineup are Armello, Grow Home, and Zombie Vikings. Armello is a board game combination of "deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy, and RPG elements." Zombie Vikings is the next project from the creators of Stick It the Man, and it involves a ton of co-op brawling action. Grow Home is clearly the most recognizable of the trio, and the Ubisoft platformer makes its PlayStation 4 debut next month.

I have a feeling Grow Home will win the vote considering the Ubisoft connection, but I already own it on PC. It'd be nice to see a smaller game like Armello or Zombie Vikings get its moment in the spotlight, but even the runners-up get discounts next month. It's a win-win situation.

The voting begins later this week on August 13 at 8:30AM PST and ends on August 24 at the same time. In order to vote, PlayStation Plus members must log in and go to the appropriate section on PSN. With enough participation, Sony will likely do this every month. It's just like a presidential election people: get out there and vote.