Dying Light Expansion Gets Reveal Trailer

Developer Techland announced Dying Light: The Following back in late July, a brand new expansion for the open-world survival horror game. Now the company has released a reveal trailer for the upcoming release.

The trailer states that The Following allows players to "discover the untold chapter of Kyle Crane's story." It will feature a huge map that is equivalent to the size of all the maps combined in the base game. The wide shots of the new environment in the trailer certainly make it seem large in size and scope.

The video also features dune buggies, so players tired of running around in Dying Light will have a new form of transportation. There's still plenty of parkour though if the trailer is any indication. It also shows some crossbow action and Crane jumping off a cliff, two things I can get behind.

No release date has been revealed yet for Dying Light: The Following. Hopefully the expansion comes out in the next month or two. It will be free for season pass owners, while everyone else can purchase it for $14.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.