PlayStation Plus September Lineup Revealed

We're still a week away from September, but that isn't stopping Sony from revealing next month's lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus users. It includes the winner of the first Vote to Play campaign.

PlayStation 4 owners picked Grow Home as the fan-selected free game for September, topping Armello and Zombie Vikings. Nevertheless, the latter two games will be 30% off for the first half of the month.

The other games available for download on PS4 will be Super Time Force Ultra, Xeodrifter, and Teslagrad. Vita owners can also download Super Time Force Ultra and Xeodrifter, while Teslagrad will be available on PlayStation 3 as well.

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, its notable free offering is Twisted Metal. The 2012 game was a reboot of the vehicle combat series, though it didn't receive the same kind of praise. La-Mulana EX rounds up the September lineup on the Vita.

I might load up La-Mulana on the Vita and play through Super Time Force again, but otherwise it's an uneventful September for PS+ users. What does the GR community think – do any of these games pique your interest?