Final Fantasy V Is Coming to PC Later This Month Via Steam

Steam is slowly but surely amassing an army of Final Fantasy titles, and this month it'll grow even larger with the arrival of one of RPG's greatest classics.

On September 24th, Final Fantasy V will become available on PC via Steam for $15.99.

This port will be from the mobile version "remake", not the original SNES title. A large number of Final Fantasy fans were unhappy with the updated sprites for hero characters in the mobile version. However, the sprites for monster characters have been praised. Both will be carried over without change in the PC port.

Among Final Fantasy V PC's adjustments are new sprites, updated controls, as well as an optional boss and dungeon. It'll also support Steam achievements and trading cards.

With this news, a surge of new requests for a Final Fantasy V 3D remake have appeared. It's considered the third most commonly requested remake in the franchise behind Final Fantasy VII (confirmed to be in development) and Final Fantasy VI.

Square Enix recently began an effort to port Final Fantasy titles to PC with options ranging from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy XIII, and its sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy will soon join the Steam library, although no release date is confirmed.