Sorry Teddie, But Persona 5 Has Been Delayed… And You Should Have Seen It Coming

If you were holding out a sliver of naive, optimistic hope that Persona 5 would be releasing before 2015 comes to a close, I hate to break it to you, but Atlus isn't going to be able to deliver on that promise.

In typical Japanese game development fashion, Persona 5's release has been delayed, and won't be out until "Summer 2016." Heartbreaking, we know.


Then again, should we really be all that surprised? I'm mean, come on! There was absolutely no way the game was going to be out this holiday season. After all, we've still seen very little of the game, and by all accounts, the Persona development team isn't going to rush the next entry in its most prized franchise out the door.


Fortunately, Atlus didn't just bring news of the game's delay to Tokyo Game Show, as the publisher also lifted the curtain on a brand-spanking-new trailer, which is all sorts of awesome. Give it a look below.

Are you disappointed by the harsh reality that Atlus didn't have some crazy awesome 2015 release date reveal at TGS? We feel your pain, but at least the crowded holiday season won't be quite as busy. If the game manages to make its way to the west in the same "Summer 2016" window, during which point game releases are typically rather sparse, you'll be able to give Atlus' long awaited role-playing game the attention it deserves.

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