Square Enix Brings the Goods to TGS With New Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Trailers

The fine folks over at Square Enix fail to disappoint at this year's Tokyo Game Show, delivering the exciting announcement of a new Kingdom Hearts compilation, as well as a few glorious new trailers that will have Final Fantasy fans salivating all over themselves in anticipation.

First up is a video for Final Fantasy XV, showcasing the great lengths the development team at Square Enix has gone through to flesh out the vast, detailed world of its highly anticipated role-playing game. Give it a look below.

Next up, we have another clip for Final Fantasy fans, this time providing a cinematic look at the series' gritty and emotional fifteenth installment. You may want to break out the Kleenex for this one, folks. Just like the gamescom trailer before it, this Dawn 2.0 video may leave you a little choked up.

And yes, Square also did show a bit more of Kingdom Hearts. While footage of the third entry is only splashed on the screen for few moments, we do get a look at the HD remasters of the trio of titles that will be packed into Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Horrible name, we know.

That said, this nifty little bundle looks quite fantastic, especially for those looking to get caught up to speed on the series' long and complicated story before Kingdom Hearts III eventually does see the light of day.


Tokyo Game Show 2015 Highlights