Destiny Now Has Secret Missions

Destiny was met with a lot of criticism last year, and for good reason. Bungie is starting to turn things around with The Taken King though, and apparently the new content in the expansion goes beyond the obvious.

Players are now finding missions within missions, as Destiny does its best Inception impression. The entire process is outlined in the video above, but it essentially boils down to finding another task within the daily heroic story mission "Lost to Light."

Players must quickly get through the mission up to the third door. At that point they can ignore the door and head to the area of the Taniks strike. If players are quick enough, they'll have to fight off a bunch of Taken in 10 minutes, which requires a lot of firepower.

It seems to be worth it for the reward, which is a brand new sniper rifle called the Black Spindle. In addition to looking awesome, it refills ammo with precision shots much like the Black Hammer weapon from the year one version of the game. There's nothing quite like regenerating ammo following a series of headshots.

If this one hidden mission is in Destiny: The Taken King, then I can only imagine how many more will be found in the coming weeks. I swore to never play Destiny again after 50+ hours with it, but now I'm fighting the urge to purchase The Taken King and jump back in.