Yoshida: Sony “Absolutely” Gave Vita Enough First-Party Support

You've probably heard that Vita original Gravity Rush is getting a remaster for PlayStation 4, and beyond that, a sequel which will be PS4 exclusive. As the Vita has a trouble history with software (cancellation after cancellation after cancellation, presumably due to user base never getting as big as people expected), the move completely away from Vita with Gravity Rush stuck out as another nail in its coffin. It was with that in mind I asked this question:

"Do you feel that Sony gave Vita enough first-party software support from launch to now?"

Yoshida answered:

"Oh yeah, absolutely. At the launch of PS Vita, we had like over 10 games — original titles. Our role is always to be challenging something somebody may not be prepared to do. In terms of the Gravity Rush 2 decision, it was made very early that we decided to move it to PS4 only."

Our friends in the network PlayStation LifeStyle have my full interview with Mr. Yoshida, in which he makes comments about digital game sales, Gravity Rush 2, PlayStation VR, and other stuff. So check it out.