U2 Joins Rock Band 4

All the Rock Band games feature fantastic soundtracks, but there have still been notable artists missing throughout the years. One of the biggest names in that group, U2, can be removed from the list, as Rock Band 4 features two of the band's tracks.

Harmonix officially revealed the news with a video this morning. It shows off gameplay of "I Will Follow" from U2's debut album Boy, and "Cedarwood Road" from its most recent release Songs of Innocence. I appreciate the then-and-now look at one of the world's most iconic bands.

This surely paves the way for more U2 songs in the future, as Harmonix will release DLC tracks for Rock Band 4. If we're talking old school U2, I'd love to see "One." It's a prime sing-along candidate. As for more recent U2 songs, "Beautiful Day" or "Vertigo" seem like the most logical choices.

Part of me wonders how many people will be excited about U2 in Rock Band 4, as it seems more popular to hate the band nowadays. Then again, U2 still moves records and sells out arenas, so they must be doing something right. In any event, I'm looking forward to playing "I Will Follow" in particular.

What other big-name bands do folks want to see in Rock Band 4, whether it's on disc or through DLC?