Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Is Off to a Rough Start

Tony Hawk is the world's greatest skateboarder of all time, and apparently he has the ability to enter and exit physical objects at will. At least that's the case in the just-released Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, which appears to be a bit of a technical mess.

Eurogamer posted a video this morning of gameplay based off of a single hour with the game. In that short amount of time, Tony Hawk becomes a jelly man and passes through geometry as if it's a skateboarding move that sustains his combo. He also flies around environments like a ragdoll, and it's still hilarious after watching the video three times.

The gameplay video was recorded after applying the 7GB day-one patch on PlayStation 4. That's an even bigger download than the game itself. In fact, reports have surfaced that the on-disc game only includes a tutorial and park creator tool. Everything else comes with the downloaded patch.

Obviously Eurogamer's experience with the game is just a single example, but early impressions have largely been negative across the board. A lot of people are also complaining about the slam button, which is the same as the grind button and often ruins combos. Anyone who's played the Tony Hawk games knows the importance of combos.

The fact that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 isn't very good doesn't come as a shock, but it does make me sad. I grew up on the first few games in the series, and it's a shame to see such a fall from grace.

At least I can watch this gif over and over again to put a perverse smile on my face.