PS4 System Software Update 3.00 Available Tomorrow

The next big system software update for PlayStation 4, 3.00, comes out tomorrow. It includes a lot of notable changes and additions to the system, detailed in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog.

Plenty of PS4 owners, myself included, love to take screenshots and stream games on the console. Sony plans to add new options in those two areas with the introduction of sharing video clips to Twitter and broadcasting on YouTube. Twitter videos will be limited to 10 seconds max, but larger clips can be trimmed.

The 3.00 update also introduces a couple of new menus on the home screen of the PS4. The first is the PlayStation Plus menu, which allows folks to check out the free monthly game lineup, manage memberships, or see what games they've downloaded already. It's a big improvement over scouring the PlayStation Store in order to renew a membership or download a game.

The Events hub is the other new section, which acts as an activity feed for official broadcasts and events on the part of developers/publishers. The example used in the blog post is a Project CARS racing event, which players can register for from the Events hub.

Other improvements in the 3.00 system update include expanded messaging groups, an option for stickers in messaging, PNG screenshots, and communities. The latter allows PS4 owners to create focused groups around "shared interests." Communities include message boards for players to discuss games, share screenshots, and participate in other activities.

What new features are PS4 owners looking forward to most in the 3.00 update? I plan to try out the communities feature with a group of friends, so I'll be interested to see if that section is organized well.