PlayStation Plus October Lineup Revealed

October begins tomorrow, which means it's time for another batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sony revealed the October lineup this morning on the PlayStation Blog.

The two most noteworthy titles on PlayStation 4 are Broken Age and Super Meat Boy. Act 2 of Broken Age came out earlier this year in April, so it's the perfect time to experience the entire story of Shay and Vella. As for Super Meat Boy, it makes its Sony platform debut with the PS+ release. I envy those experiencing the tough-as nails platformer for the first time, as it's one of my all-time favorite games.

Other free games in October include Unmechanical on PS3/PS4, Kickbeat on PS3/Vita, Chariot on PS3, and Kung Fu Rabbit on PS3/Vita. They don't quite match the allure of Broken Age and Super Meat Boy, but maybe there's a hidden gem or two in there.

Sony also notes in the blog post that the PS+ edition of DriveClub will be removed as a free download on October 6, when the other October games become available. It's a curious bit of news, as the PS+ edition of the game was delayed for many months and only came out this June. I sure hope Sony and Evolution Studios are gearing up for some big DriveClub news, because that would be a kick in the face to subscribers who waited so long for the extended demo.

Do any of the PS+ titles stand out to the GR community? I've played through Super Meat Boy on the Xbox 360 and PC, and I'll probably do it all over again on PS4. I think I have a problem…