The Witcher 3’s Next Patch Is Massive

If you want a prime example of how best to support a game post-release, then look at CD Projekt RED and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The developer continues to refine the game with extensive patches, and the next one looks to include a whole lot of fixes and some meaningful additions on all platforms.

The entire changelog for patch 1.10 of The Witcher 3 can be found here. Your eyes don't deceive you, that is in fact a 13-page document full of changes in the upcoming patch. Much of the list includes fixes, but there are also some noteworthy additions in there as well.

CD Projekt Red talked about adding more romance options in the next patch, and that looks to be the case if the changelog is any indication. There will be new conversations with Triss and Yen on certain quests, and the quest section also mentions new "romance-related segments."

The entire changelog is far too large to post here, but other important updates including the following:

  • Crafting diagrams in merchant inventories now include item level information in addition to basic information about craftable item.
  • Introduces modification whereby potions and bombs can no longer be sold.
  • Introduces multiple improvements in Gwent, including option to choose one of three difficulty levels. To set option, go to Options>Game.
  • Introduces multiple fixes and improvements in HUD.
  • Adds option to show/hide HUD/Mini-map using single button/click.
  • Decreases chance of unwarranted screen blur occurring during play.
  • Fixes visual stutter in animation of Roach (horse).
  • Adds new romance-related segments in conversations with Triss and Yen in quest titled The Sunstone.

This news hits just before the release of the first expansion for The Witcher 3. Hearts of Stone comes out next week on October 13. There's no set date for patch 1.10, but with enough luck it'll be ready in time for next week's big add-on.