Duke Nukem 3D Released… for Sega Genesis

The last Sega Genesis game officially released was Frogger in 1998, two years into the N64’s lifespan. But now, over 17 years after that release, Piko Interactive has secured the rights and has released the FPS classic Duke Nukem 3D for the old Genny.

There was a release on the Genesis for DN3D specific to Brazil, but now it’s officially been licensed by 3D Realms for a worldwide release.

The price for the game is remarkably steep—$54.99 with an additional $15 fee for the complete boxed version (with a “new” release, why would you not already include the box?). But for a late-release oddity, maybe it plays just fine and works well.

If you’re a Genesis fan, would you consider plunking down $55 (or $70 if you’re a collector) to buy and play an over 25-year-old game on 25-year-old hardware? Or is this just too niche for the cost?