Square Enix Planning on “Revitalizing Existing IPs”, More Remakes Incoming

The short footage of the Final Fantasy VII remake at Sony's E3 Press Conference this year was one of those special moments that you can't forget. And if we are to believe Square Enix's recently released "2015 Annual Report", we can expect plenty of more remakes from the company's past dialogue.

Positioned as bullet point number one, "Revitalizing Existing IPs" is at the forefront of Square Enix's strategy moving forward:

We will revitalize some of our strong IPs in ways that meet the needs of the modern gaming market. For example, we will take on IP developed for earlier generations of game consoles and recreate it for the latest consoles, while also proactively developing versions for play on smart devices.

 We will also see Square Enix exploring the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus to elevate their games:

In addition, we will also explore possibilities involving VR (virtual reality) and other new platforms. We want our longtime fans to relish reliving past experiences with a freshness that only the latest in technology can provide, while at the same time have new customers enjoy the IP as though it were  brand new. By not only optimizing single pieces of IP for single platforms but also rolling out IP in a multi-dimensional manner to meet the needs of the modern market, we believe we can deliver exciting new experiences.

Does this mean we can expect Final Fantasy VIII and IX remakes in the future? Given that we have a FFX HD remake and a FFVII remake in the works, why not fill the gaps?