Confusion: Kojima Is Employed, on Vacation, and Gone at Konami All at the Same Time

Someone please place a red question mark over my head.

Hideo Kojima has already given his fond farewells at Konami, but Konami insists that he is actually "on vacation," as an employee who's simply on extended leave. He's gone, but not gone-gone, just going to be gone, though he's gone on vacation now. Got all that?

A spokesman for Konami's Tokyo headquarters confirmed as much in an article in Tokyo Sports (as translated by Kotaku), saying that "Currently, Kojima is listed as a company employee [at Konami]."

Kojima's contract does end this December, so the idea of him taking a vacation likely means that they're sure rolling him slowly but surely. At the same time Konami says that they're "not sure what kind of thing this was," this being what looks like a party, affirmed by Simon Parkin at The New Yorker.

Some would say this is a cluster. Or maybe a meta-denial. I prefer the term ​Schrödinger's Kojima.