Celebrate N7 Day With Store-Wide BioWare Sale

November 7th is apparently N7 Day, not that any of us remembers that. But hey, so long as they continue to have awesome sales likes the N7 Day Sale, I'm sure we'll all begin to remember that maybe.

Starting today through to November 9th, Monday, the official BioWare store will have a store-wide sale, slashing the price of everything that isn't a pre-sale or deposit item by 20%. This includes the majority of Mass Effect items of course, but also most of the Dragon Age items too, so the sale will apply to all BioWare fans.

I have my eyes set of the Black N7 Elite Armour Stripe Hoody, N7 Faux-Leather Jacket, and the N7 Armour Stripe ANGL Hoody for the ladies. And if you're in the continental United States, and order over $75 worth of items, you're receive free shipping on anything you purchase from the store. That's great for you early Xmas shoppers!