Epic Games Reveals Paragon

Out of the trenches, Epic Games has announced a new title called Paragon along with its nifty Destiny-like logo. We know very little about the game so far—not even screenshots—apart from a note that the game will be released in early 2016 on PC. Whether that's a working beta or the full game is uncertain.

Heading to the teaser site, Paragon is highlighting Twinblast, a character who wields two guns and has slick biotic arms that would make Jax from Mortal Kombat jealous. After registering for the beta, selecting Twinblast on the page reveals the following selection of four in-game items/bonuses:

Fight for Glory: Reverberate – Damage + Bonus vs. Shielded Targets

Fight for Pride: Injured Rage – Damage + Buff While Wounded

Fight for Fortune: Bounty Stalker – Critical Strike + Bonus on successive hits

Fight for Infamy: Merciless – Critical Strike + Bonus vs. Bleeding Targets

You can sign back in at any time and change out which in-game item you wish to grab once the game arrives.

Additionally, the website will be teasing four other character on a weekly basis: Steel, Sparrow, Dekker, and Grux. It's clear that the game will be a multiplayer shooter of some kind, though it could be co-operative, competitive, or MOBA-like (or some variation of the three thereof).

Epic Games plans on revealing more details on Paragon's gameplay in December.