Star Wars: Battlefront to Include 4 Planets, and You Can See All of Them Here

Star Wars: Battlefront's multiplayer and co-op missions will feature four of Star Wars' most beloved planets. As showcased on the official website, these planets include Endor, Hoth, Sollust, and Tatooine.

Three of these maps were experienced in the mulitplayer beta. The controversially unbalanced Walker Assault game mode exclusively featured Hoth (pictured above). Sollust was only playable in the Drop Zone format. Lastly, Tatooine was playable in a Survival Mission, which is a co-op game mode similar to Gears of Wars' Horde mode that has the option to be played solo.

Similar to the format of the beta, each planet will have its own configuration of game modes and maps. To be clear, there will be more than four maps, but its entire map library will be set on one of these four planets.

The latest Star Wars: Battlefront trailer shows off all four planets with a cinematic camera. You can view it below to get the best look at how closely these maps resemble their film counterpart.