Ubisoft Confirms Dominance of PS4, PC, and Mobile This Generation

Ubisoft has updated their latest financial report with a full breakdown of their sales figures by platform, revealing the strength of the PS4, PC, and mobile over their fellow competitors. It serves as an insightful snapshot of the market right now for a third-party publisher.

If one thing is clear, it's that their sales on new-gen platforms are now far beyond their last-gen sales. Last year, the Xbox 360 and PS3 formed 35% of Ubisoft's sales while the PS4 and Xbox One only reached 30%. This year, the Xbox 360 and PS3 dipped to 18% while the PS4 and Xbox One climbed to 39%. However, the PS4 is responsible for 27% of their sales, which is more than twice that of the Xbox One at 12%.

Both the PC and the mobile space continue to dominate as well. Compared to the same six-month period from last year, the percentage of PC sales have gone from 15% to 20% while mobile sales (with others) have gone from 6% to 18%.

Unfortunately for Nintendo platforms, the Wii U is still only 1% of Ubisoft's sales with the original Wii at 3%, surprisingly up from 2% from last year. Given the publisher's push for exclusive Wii U content when the console launched, this news is still disappointing.