BlizzCon 2015: Cho’gall Is Coming to Heroes of the Storm, Has Unique Unlock Quest

Blizzard has just announced Cho'gall as a new hero for Heroes of the Storm. How he will be unlocked on your account is much different than previous hero releases, though.

At first, Cho'gall will be exclusive to those who are attending BlizzCon or purchased a Virtual Ticket. Those who own Cho'gall will be able to help others unlock him through a unique quest. How it will work is derived from his unique mechanic which allows two players to share control of him. If the person sharing control doesn't own Cho'gall, they will unlock the hero after two games.

In addition to this, if you play as Cho'gall and share control of him for a total of four games, you'll receive a gold reward.

This is an interesting way to promote social interaction in Heroes of the Storm, in addition to releasing one of the most widely requested heroes.