Star Wars: Battlefront Now Available on Xbox One, Here’s the Big Stand-Up Display Hitting Retailers

Sony did PlayStation gamers a huge disservice by rejecting EA's offer to bring EA Access to its platforms.

Starting today, Star Wars: Battlefront's final version is fully playable on Xbox One. It's exclusive to the five day head-start offered by an EA Access subscription that provides a full 10 hours of free playtime for only $5 or within the free one-month trial. Thousands of gamers are already getting a head start on being viciously competitive in one of the year's biggest first-person shooter releases.

A user by the name Cornbread78 on NeoGAF has posted a screenshot of the stand-up display that will be featured in retailers across the country. See for yourself:

Star Wars: Battlefront's retail release next week will come alongside a multi-million dollar marketing campaign that tries to lure in fans of Star Wars with iconic imagery. Although we've found the game to be quite lackluster when compared to other offerings in the genre, particularly when compared to a Battlefield release, it's worth a look if you're a big fan of the IP.

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