Star Wars: Battlefront’s Rough Launch Includes CE-34632-8 Errors and Matchmaking Failure

Star Wars: Battlefront has officially been out for one hour. Although tonight was supposed to be cause for Star Wars themed celebration, it's instead been a reason to be frustrated for the many players who are experiencing launch issues.

Below are the issues that users are reporting:

  • PS4 "CE-34632-8" error.
  • PC version crashing on load.
  • "Cannot find any games" error.

Many players have been unable to play at all during the past hour, resorting to desperate measures such as re-installing the game to see if they can correct the issues themselves. For now, there is no official word form EA or DICE.

This is a DICE game, after all, and one with a strict launch deadline. Battlefield 4 had a tragically broken launch two years ago, one that would require months of patches to fix. So, to some degree the problems are to be expected.

To be fair, the game is expecting to sell several million dollars of units, so the servers are certainly being hammered by an overwhelming number of connections. Even then, with so much revenue expected, it's not unreasonable for consumers to expect a smooth launch that allows them to enjoy the game they paid for.

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