First Fallout 4 Patch Will Release Next Week, Coming To PC Before Consoles

If you've played Fallout 4 for any reasonable amount of time, chances are you've encountered at least one of its many bugs. Some are charming, others annoying, while a few outright break the game. Bethesda is aware of the issues, and is working to address them.

Bethesda has announced that beginning next week it will introduce patches for Fallout 4 that are initially released in beta form before a final release. It says that this format will allow it to "get more fixes out faster", while ensuring that "each fix is working right" before a final patch is published. These beta patches will have optional participation.

The first of what will presumably be several beta patches will debut on Steam next week. Console versions will arrive at a later date.

Currently, no known issues have been confirmed to be receiving attention. If the patches are anything like what Fallout: New Vegas saw, they'll have extremely lengthy patch notes.

Bethesda is planning to release mod support for Xbox One in the near future, and is also currently working on post-release content that will be sold standalone and as part of its Fallout 4 season pass.