Just Cause 3’s Xbox One and PS4 Version Have Low Framerate and Long Loading Times

If you're planning to buy Just Cause 3, then hopefully you're getting the PC version.

Early reports suggest that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Just Cause 3 have some serious shortcomings. Both experience frame rate drops often which can dip to 17 or even lower, triggered by the game's chaotic gameplay that features impressive visual effects and physics.

Made worse, load times are remarkably long, sometimes longer than three minutes. NXGamer reported that there's also a memory leak that can cause loading times to be longer than 15 minutes.

Just Cause 3's style is troublesome for current generation consoles, which have decent GPUs, but slow CPUs. Open world games with lots of processor-intensive elements stress AMD's console solutions, and it shows.

As far as the PC version goes, our resident PC writer Jamal has played it for more than 35 hours and has a lot of good things to say about it. Well, outside of its baffling 30 frames per second limiter.

You can check out 1440p footage of Just Cause 3's PC version in the video below: