Battlefield 4’s Ridiculously Complex Easter Egg Puzzle Rewards You With DICE LA Camouflage

It's been more than a year since Battlefield 4 launched. Although it's been played for millions of hours, there was one secret that required months to solve.

Battlefield 4 has a secret whose early hints prompted more than 60 pages of discussion on the official Battlefield forum. After following several clues, which included morse code, hidden keypads, and slowed-down spoken dialog, the community finally solved the final puzzle. What they came to find out was that every player is able to obtain a unique code that can be entered at a certain level's keypad to obtain the highly coveted DICE LA camouflage, which was previously though to be exclusive to members of the development team.

This easter egg is so complicated that it requires minutes of explanation in order to describe. Check out the video below by jackfrags for details on this hot topic:

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