Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC and Mobile

Sure, I'll go to work at 12:10a.m. New Year's Day.

Square Enix announced, like right at the fucking stroke of midnight New Year's Eve in Japan, that Final Fantasy IX will be coming to PC, Android, and iOS. Exact info on what version you need can be found on the announcement page. Know what can't be found? A release date more specific than "soon." 

Can I reiterate that the real news is that I'm working — and just after midnight on New Year's Day? This can not be stressed enough. I was looking forward to MMA, singing contests, and lounging around carefree, but no, Square Enix has to fuck that all up by announcing RPG shit.

So is that it? We done? We got that? FF9 for phone and computers? Good. 

I have to get back to watching this puppet show about pigs and rodents.