Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Pushed to 2017

PlatinumGames has announced in a message to its fans on its official site that Dragonbros Scalebound, the Xbox One action-RPG exclusive that will feature dragons and their human partners, will be delayed to 2017.

While development of the game is coming together nicely, it is "one of the biggest games PlatinumGames has ever created: an epic adventure filled with exploration and fantasy gameplay, inventive multiplayer, and action-packed battles on an unbelievable scale."

Pushed out of the originally intended release in the second half of 2016, the extended time frame will hopefully allow the development team to include and polish all of those features. Of course, Hideki Kamiya, JP Kellams, and Atsushi Inaba of PlatinumGames are still excited for us to see the world of Draconis.

Given the track record of PlatinumGames with Bayonetta 2 and Transformers: Devastation, as well as its upcoming Star Fox Zero and NieR Automata, this delay is not entirely surprising and was likely very much necessary.