Only 99 People Bought an Xbox One in Japan Last Week

[Image: NeoGAF]


The Xbox One sold only 99 new units in Japan during this past week, according to gold standard tracker Media Create.

I probably don't have to explain or demonstrate how low that is, but now I'll explain and demonstrate how low that is.

This week's Japanese hardware sales:

3DS – Damn, son.

PS4 – Hangin'.

PSV – Respect

WIU – Underachieving

PS3 – At the end of a good run.

XB1 – 99 fucking units?

Let's take a moment to give credit where it's due: This took a lot longer to drop to this level than most of us expected. It's just unfortunate that those who had the most faith in Xbox One's chances in Japan either work for Microsoft or are cardboard cutouts… who also work for Microsoft.

Actual system sales this week were:

3DS – 42,372

PS4 – 25,592

PSV – 18,202

WIU – 15,398

PS3 – 1,938

XB1 – 99

And while I'm here, the best selling game was Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, which sold 95,000 copies in the form of 42 or 43 thousand each for Vita and PS4, and the other 10,000ish for PS3. That is all.