NBA 2K Series Sued for $1.1 Million Over Tattoos

Tattoo company Solid Oak Sketches believes that NBA 2K16 is infringing upon their copyrights for eight tattoo designs in the game.

Solid Oak is seeking damages totaling $1.2 million—that's $150,000 for each tattoo, which includes the arm tattoos for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The company also wrote letters to both Take-Two and Visual Concepts saying that they could license the tattoos in their game for $1.1 million, not far from the damages they're seeking in the first place.

The tattoos themselves might be rather insignificant in NBA 2K16, but it was presented as one of the highlight features as presented by this "Be the Canvas" trailer for the game.

As ESPN reminds us, THQ was caught in a lawsuit over tattoos as well for UFC Undisputed, with tattoo artist Victor Escobedo suing for $4.1 million. He received $22,500, a figure that might be close to what Solid Oak Sketches might actually receive.