Three New Maps Are Coming to Rocket League This Month

Rocket League is looking to freshen things up on the field by introducing some new maps. Three will be introduced in the short-term future, and each has its own idea for changing up Rocket League strategy.

GameSpot recently met with the team behind Rocket League to discuss the "community focused maps" that will soon be added to the title. They found out that the new maps will be available under a new playlist called "Rocket Labs", and while initially only three will be playable, more will come.

Among the new maps is Utopia Retro, a map that takes a hint from Tron with a futuristic sci-fi theme and a U-shaped layout that provides quick transitions from defense to offense. Then there's Underpass, a level with an expanded field of play that lends itself to speed and high flying shots. Lastly, there's Double Goal, a map that extends the size of the goals on each side with two diagonal entry points, preferring ricochet or off-the-wall shots versus mid-field power shots.

You can see each of the maps in the video below.

These maps will be introduced to all platforms later this month via a free February update. This includes the Xbox One version which is scheduled to release before March.