Here’s the Latest Gameplay Footage of Dark Souls 3

Among this year's most anticipated releases sits Dark Souls III. Scheduled to debut worldwide on April 12th, it's the latest title by From Software, one that has RPG fans itching with excitement.

The most common question asked about Dark Souls III is, well, "what's new about it?". This question is prompted by the frequent releases from the Souls franchise that have produced a mild amount of fatigue, while earning widespread acclaim during its tenure more than half-decade tenure.

Dark Souls 3 isn't a completely different game, let's get that out of the way. It's still a third-person action RPG with an emphasis on difficulty, free-form gameplay, and a dark atmosphere. But it does bring along with it some new and refined concepts that look to adjust the proven formula that From Software has created.

A new livestream produced by From Software has been posted online, and it includes seven full minutes of gameplay. This video showcases what the game not only looks like, but what's it like to play the first Dark Souls game on next-generation consoles. See it for yourself below:

If you're familiar with Bloodborne you'll notice the influence it has had on the development of Dark Souls III. It's faster paced, rewards aggression, and has one heck of a memorable presentation. Note that this video is of a Dexterity build, so if you prefer the more passive style of classic Dark Souls, then you can build your character in such a way.