XCOM 2’s Technical Issues Surprised Dev Team, Updates Coming Soon

XCOM 2 currently stands as one of 2016's greatest games and a game of the year contender. However, technical issues have held it back from achieving its full potential. Although many gamers have been quick to say that the game was pushed to market before it was ready, the truth isn't so simple.

Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, XCOM 2 project lead Solomon shared the team's surprise when they found out many players were experiencing technical issues. He said:


I can honestly say that we didn’t know it would be this way at launch. Maybe this is damning on me, but I’m sitting here talking to you now on the laptop I use to play it on, and I didn’t see these issues. We didn’t catch this stuff in compatibility testing. We’re fully, fully accountable for the product in people’s hands, so we certainly take responsibility for it.

In-time these issues will be solved with updates, as explained by Solomon:


We will continue to update the game, and we do have some workarounds – heck, you guys even posted some workarounds – but we definitely have fixes coming soon. I can’t say dates, but I would say that we’re working very furiously. We already have a lot of those issues in our sights.

XCOM 2's issues range from physics mishandling, to off-sync destruction, and performance woes. Thankfully, XCOM 2's turn-based style of play makes these problems less dramatic. In most cases players can get through the game without feeling like the experience was held back by its problems. That hasn't stopped some PC gamers from waiting until patches arrive before playing the game, though.