The Walking Dead: Michonne Launch Trailer Is Just Too Damn Gorgeous

Following the success of the first two The Walking Dead titles and fueled by the latest back-half episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6, Telltale will be releasing the first episode "In Too Deep" of the third-part Michonne-centric miniseries tomorrow.

This first episode entitled "In Too Deep" will be quickly followed by the second episode "Give No Shelter" in March and the third and final episode "What We Deserve" in April. All three episodes will cost $14.99 USD as a package.

The miniseries will tell the story of what happened to the katana-wiedling Michonne after leaving Rick's group but returning soon after. Of course, we can expect Michonne to survive this side-adventure; the questions is "Will anyone else?" In the first episode, Michonne will meet Pete and his crew on the sailing ship The Companion as they attempt to discover a murderer in the colony of Monroe.