Here’s what happened to Clementine after The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season isn’t actually the conclusion to Clementine’s adventures. Earlier this month, the Skybound X #1 comic book hit store shelves, including the “Clementine Lives!” short story. In this 12-page comic, bestseller Tillie Walden fills fans in on what happens to Clementine after the Telltale Games series. Naturally, there are spoilers for the first issue of Skybound X ahead — final warning!

What happens to Clementine after the TWD games?

what happened to Clementine after The Walking Dead The Final Season

Following the events of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Clementine and AJ remain at Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youth and form a “coalition” with two other settlements. Now that the school is a “home,” rather than a “hideout,” Clementine leaves AJ behind and hits the road alone.

After catching her in the act, AJ — wearing Clem’s iconic hat — confronts Clementine. The two share a tearful exchange, during which AJ shoots a walker in the head to save his unaware protector. Further proving that he can now fend for himself, Clem and Alvin Jr. share a final embrace before going their separate ways.

Clem will next appear in Clementine: Book One, where readers will hopefully gain some insight into her decision to leave. The emotional final farewell to her little “goofball” will serve as an appropriate hook until the new graphic novel’s June 2022 release date. Book One is the first in a planned trilogy of graphic novels, presumably comprising Clementine: Book Two and Clementine: Book Three.

Owing to the Telltale Series’ branching nature, the comics will “make some decisions” according to Alex Antone, Senior Editor. While that’s somewhat vague, Clem fans can rest assured that the new narrative will ultimately “stay true to Clementine’s journey.”

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