The Wolf Among Us 2 now possible as LCG Entertainment buys Telltale Games

Independent developer Telltale Games, best known for their licensed episodic adventure games such as The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a pair of Batman titles, met an unfortunate end last year due to long-running financial troubles. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman first stepped in to keep the company name alive by having his development studio Skybound Games take the reigns on completing The Final Season of his apocalyptic zombie series, but now LCG Entertainment is reviving the Telltale Games name proper. As such, The Wolf Among Us 2 could now be back on the cards.

Based on the Fables comic books, published by the Vertigo arm of Superman company DC Comics, The Wolf Among Us was critically and commercially beloved. In fact, it still is, even having launched way back in 2013, as evidenced by the fact that one of the most discussed things to come out of Telltale Games’ 2018 closure was the formal cancellation of the sequel which had already been confirmed to be in active development.

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Like the first game before it, The Wolf Among Us 2 would have been set in a dark fantasy world in which familiar folklore characters live their day-to-day lives. Presumably, players would have again been cast as Fabletown Sheriff Bigby Wolf, better known as The Big Bad Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood children’s story. He isn’t the same incarnation of the character that you likely know, however, rather a chain-smoking and foul-mouthed human tasked with solving often gruesome fairytale crimes.

Providing a well-written, adult spin on old favorites jettisoned the game to popularity as one of Telltale’s best-received series — no doubt helped along by nostalgia, which WoW Classic recently illustrated to be a powerful motivator. The LCG Entertainment purchase certainly makes for exciting news where fans of Telltale’s unique brand of adventure game and The Wolf Among Us 2 are concerned.