Among Us brings back the horrifying Geoff Keighley mask

In celebration of Summer Game Fest 2021, the Among Us Geoff Keighley mask has returned as a Twitch drop. First released last year, the mask portrays the face of the games journalist and organizer of Summer Game Fest. It’s back once more, adding a terrifying dose of realism to the multiplayer game.

How do you get the Among Us Twitch drop Geoff Keighley mask?

Unlocking the Geoff Keighley mask in Among Us is a very simple feat. All you need to do is watch the Summer Game Fest 2021 Kickoff Event on Twitch for at least 15 minutes. The event takes place today (June 10), and you’ll need a linked Twitch account in order to access the unlockable mask. Once you’ve got these sorted, it’s a very simple process – watch the event, and you’ll find the mask in your Among Us inventory.

This is the same unlock method that the Geoff Keighley mask had last year. If you watched the 2020 Game Awards within the thirty-minute unlock window, the mask was yours. The Summer Game Fest requirements are slightly more relaxed, as you’ve got the whole event to tune into so you can unlock it.

Among Us is expected to be a large presence at this year’s Summer Game Fest, which is taking place as a competitor to E3. In April of this year, PlayStation confirmed the game will release for PS4 and PS5 in the near future, and Xbox consoles will also be getting the game soon. This conference could possibly reveal more information on the progress of these console ports. Whether we hear more or not, you can guarantee that you’ll be seeing a lot more impostors running around looking like Geoff Keighley from now on.

In other news, the recent Fortnite update introduced Superman and Rick and Morty into the wildly popular battle royale game. Renowned soccer stars Harry Kane and Marco Reus will also be dropping off the Battle Bus this weekend.