Fans are disappointed Pickle Rick isn’t in Fortnite Season 7

While Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez has just been added to the game, fans are disappointed that there is no Fortnite Pickle Rick skin, or even a reference in the game. The episode is one of the most popular and regularly memed moments in the show’s history, so it’s surprising that Epic has chosen not to have a Fortnite Season 7 Pickle Rick skin or item in the game.

Fans show their disappointment in the lack of Fortnite Pickle Rick

Fortnite Pickle Rick

Fans are shocked and saddened that Pickle Rick isn’t in Fortnite, despite the fact that even Morty is in there as a weapon in his terrified Hammerhead form. The full Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass details a number of Rick and Morty-related items, including a Butter Robot backpack, a portal-themed gun, and Rick’s personal UFO, but no sign of Pickle Rick. Players took to Twitter to announce their disappointment in the lack of any reference to arguably Rick and Morty’s most famous episode.

It does seem odd that Epic Games would not include any sort of fan-service nod towards Pickle Rick given the episode’s popularity, especially as it also included Superman’s Black Suit from this year’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League as part of Season 7, so it knows how to appeal to fans. However, all is not lost, as there is also a “mystery bonus rewards” page on the Battle Pass, which could be extra skins and items for existing Battle Pass skins — so Pickle Rick could still be added. It would keep the fans happy and be popular, so it’s a real possibility.

Here’s how long players have to unlock all Rick and Morty rewards in the Fortnite Battle Pass, as well as everything else in Season 7, and as there’s a timer you’ll need to know how to unlock Battle Stars as quickly as possible. It’s not all additions, though, as a number of popular weapons have been vaulted too.